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Fare/Rate List For Pune

Pickup City Drop City Car Trip Type Fare (₹)
PuneAdlabs ImagicaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,999.00
PuneAdlabs ImagicaAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,999.00
PuneAdlabs ImagicaAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,599.00
PuneAdlabs ImagicaAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way3,599.00
PuneAdlabs ImagicaAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way4,199.00
PuneAhmedabadAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way10,499.00
PuneAhmedabadAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way10,499.00
PuneAhmedabadAC MUV (CNG)One Way15,699.00
PuneAhmedabadAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way15,699.00
PuneAhmedabadAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way18,299.00
PuneAurangabadHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneAurangabadAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,999.00
PuneAurangabadAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way4,699.00
PuneAurangabadAC MUV (CNG)One Way5,999.00
PuneBangloreHATCHBACK ACOne Way14,999.00
PuneBangloreAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way18,499.00
PuneBangloreAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way21,799.00
PuneBangloreAC MUV (CNG)One Way25,199.00
PunebelgumHATCHBACK ACOne Way6,199.00
PunebelgumAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way7,499.00
PunebelgumAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way8,199.00
PunebelgumAC MUV (CNG)One Way10,899.00
PunebelgumAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way6,199.00
PunebelgumAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way6,199.00
PunebelgumAC MUV (CNG)One Way8,099.00
PunebelgumAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way8,099.00
PunebelgumAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way9,499.00
PuneDhuleAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way5,899.00
PuneDhuleAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way6,599.00
PuneDhuleAC MUV (CNG)One Way7,899.00
PuneDhuleAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way7,899.00
PuneDhuleAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way9,299.00
PuneGoaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way7,799.00
PuneGoaAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way7,799.00
PuneGoaAC MUV (CNG)One Way10,499.00
PuneGoaAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way10,499.00
PuneGoaAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way12,199.00
PuneHubaliHATCHBACK ACOne Way7,799.00
PuneHubaliAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way9,499.00
PuneHubaliAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way10,299.00
PuneHyderabadAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way9,999.00
PuneHyderabadAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way9,999.00
PuneHyderabadAC MUV (CNG)One Way13,499.00
PuneHyderabadAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way13,499.00
PuneHyderabadAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way15,699.00
PuneIchalkaranjiHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneIchalkaranjiAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,199.00
PuneIchalkaranjiAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,499.00
PuneIchalkaranjiAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,199.00
PuneIchalkaranjiAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,499.00
PuneIchalkaranjiAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way6,499.00
PuneIndoreHATCHBACK ACOne Way7,999.00
PuneIndoreAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way10,999.00
PuneIndoreAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way12,999.00
PuneIndoreAC MUV (CNG)One Way16,786.00
PuneKaradHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,699.00
PuneKaradAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,999.00
PuneKaradAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,199.00
PuneKaradAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,999.00
PuneKaradAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,199.00
PuneKaradAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way5,999.00
PuneKolhapurHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneKolhapurAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,199.00
PuneKolhapurAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,499.00
PuneKolhapurAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,199.00
PuneKolhapurAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,499.00
PuneKolhapurAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way5,599.00
PuneKolhapurTOYOTA INNOVA CRYSTA (AC)One Way6,599.00
PuneKundapurAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way13,499.00
PuneKunthugiriHATCHBACK ACOne Way3,799.00
PuneLavasa MaharashtraHATCHBACK ACOne Way1,699.00
PuneLonavalaHATCHBACK ACOne Way1,649.00
PuneLonavalaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,749.00
PuneLonavalaHATCHBACK ACOne Way1,999.00
PuneLonavalaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,399.00
PuneLonavalaAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,999.00
PuneLonavalaAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,499.00
PuneMahabaleshwarHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneMahabaleshwarAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,599.00
PuneMahabaleshwarAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,899.00
PuneMahabaleshwarAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,499.00
PuneMirajHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneMirajAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,199.00
PuneMirajAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,499.00
PuneMirajAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,199.00
PuneMirajAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,499.00
PuneMirajAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way6,499.00
PuneMumbaiHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,199.00
PuneMumbaiAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,499.00
PuneMumbaiAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,699.00
PuneMumbaiAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,099.00
PuneMumbaiAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way3,399.00
PuneMumbaiAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way4,399.00
PuneMumbaiTOYOTA INNOVA CRYSTA (AC)One Way4,999.00
PuneNashikHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,599.00
PuneNashikAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,899.00
PuneNashikAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way4,999.00
PuneNashikAC MUV (CNG)One Way6,299.00
PuneNashikAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,499.00
PuneNashikAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,799.00
PuneNashikAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,499.00
PuneNashikAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way3,999.00
PuneNashikAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way4,999.00
PuneNipani-karnatakaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way4,699.00
PuneNipani-karnatakaAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way5,199.00
PuneNipani-karnatakaAC MUV (CNG)One Way6,299.00
PuneNipani-karnatakaAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way6,299.00
PuneNipani-karnatakaAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way7,299.00
PunePanchgani HATCHBACK ACOne Way1,999.00
PunePanchgani AC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,499.00
PunePanchgani AC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,999.00
PunePanchgani AC MUV (CNG)One Way3,999.00
PuneSangaliHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneSangaliAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,199.00
PuneSangaliAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way3,499.00
PuneSangaliAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,199.00
PuneSangaliAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,499.00
PuneSangaliAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way6,499.00
PuneSataraHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,199.00
PuneSataraAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way2,499.00
PuneSataraAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way2,699.00
PuneSataraAC MUV (CNG)One Way3,199.00
PuneSataraAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way3,499.00
PuneSataraAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way4,499.00
PuneShirdiHATCHBACK ACOne Way2,999.00
PuneShirdiAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,999.00
PuneShirdiAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way4,499.00
PuneShirdiAC MUV (CNG)One Way5,399.00
PuneSilvassaHATCHBACK ACOne Way4,499.00
PuneSilvassaAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way5,499.00
PuneSolapurHATCHBACK ACOne Way3,599.00
PuneSolapurAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way3,999.00
PuneSolapurAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way4,199.00
PuneSolapurAC MUV (CNG)One Way4,799.00
PuneSolapurAC MUV (DIESEL)One Way4,999.00
PuneSolapurAC TOYOTA INNOVAOne Way6,999.00
PuneSuratHATCHBACK ACOne Way5,099.00
PuneSuratAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way7,999.00
PuneSuratAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way9,899.00
PuneTrimbakeshwarHATCHBACK ACOne Way3,849.00
PuneTrimbakeshwarAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way4,799.00
PuneTrimbakeshwarAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way5,499.00
PuneVadodraHATCHBACK ACOne Way7,299.00
PuneVadodraAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way9,499.00
PuneVadodraAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way10,799.00
PuneVadodraHATCHBACK ACOne Way7,199.00
PuneVadodraAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way9,399.00
PuneVadodraAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way10,699.00
PuneVapiHATCHBACK ACOne Way4,499.00
PuneVapiAC SEDAN (CNG)One Way5,499.00
PuneVapiAC SEDAN (DIESEL)One Way6,299.00

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